Thursday, 15 April 2010

Long time no election

It's been a while since I wrote. Since last time much has happened for Klak Tik. Most importantly we've finished the album and have now commenced the three months of PR which seem to be flying by already. To help us with that we have teamed up with Hermana PR, which is one of the coolest PR companies in town. 'Must We Find a Winner' is to be released on the 14th of June. We can't bloody wait. And on the 17th of June we will hold an album launch party at Hoxton Hall in Shoreditch, London, a beautiful old listed music hall which we expect will be the perfect setting for a hopefully epic night of music. We are still searching for the perfect support band and have some great ones in mind, but we are also very open to suggestions if you can think of any?
Oh yeah, we won a grant for a nice chunk of cash from Grundfos, which is now one of my favourite companies. That money will help us put the show on on the 17th. Great stuff!

In other news, the Klak Tik home studio has changed address. I have moved up the road to Stoke Newington from where we have already started working on new tracks and have got ourselves a great new practice space. Padangle house will always be remembered fondly, but we are happy to move on and hopefully we will achieve an even better DIY sound on recordings to come.

As always, you can see our gig diary on Myspace or Facebook (are we friends yet?). We've got a few shows coming up before the launch still.

Keep your head up and the 17th of June free! oh and don't vote for David Cameron...


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