Thursday, 20 January 2011

looking over my shoulder

I finally managed to find internet, here at the Seacroft, a pub allegedly set nicely on the seafront. I wouldn't know, however, as the densest of clouds seems to have found rest right on top of our cosy shire.
I am enjoying a nicely poured Guinness (I am only 30 miles from Dublin) and a mushroom risotto which, apart from being the first meal not prepared by my own, or indeed Matt(atouilly)'s hands in a weeks time, isn't anything to get my stock boiling.

The first week of four here has nearly passed and I feel submerged in a handsome mix of cabin fever, awe, stillness, panic and inspiration. As expected it has been all too vivid being alone for this first week. In fact it's only about five days since Matt and John left, but it feels like a lot longer, ha. The silence is, as anticipated, deafening. Nothing but my ever progressing tinnitus, and the shrill screaming competition (think 'most annoying sound..' scene out of Dumb & Dumber) of my thoughts, which still feel as tangled as a my own good locks before they were mercilessly shed. The only time I hear my voice out loud is when I sing, or speak to someone on the phone. I feel like I have really become a singer. A singer - the creature that communicates only by song.

The music is... the music is... something is happening. Really not sure what I am doing to be honest. I had written about 25 songs, albeit sketchy, prior to arriving here and hoped it would be a breeze to knock something into shape, but predictably it is not that easy, Bonke.
I constantly go from being excited about something new, to shocked at how shit I am. From steam coming out of my ass to trouble keeping the steam up.
One thing is certain, the next Klak Tik album will not sound like the old one.

In between the musicating I am thoroughly and whole heartily enjoying this place. The amazing chapel, the fields, the coast, the baffling sea and the unbelievable privilege it is to spend a month in a place of such unfabricated beauty.

Miscellaneous notes:
Today I saw a peregrine. The other day I saw a massive school of porpoise passing the South Stack lighthouse (see picture). I also nearly ran over a rabbit on the way here. oops.
Below is a few pictures I took today, from morning to night. Notice how still the sea is. I literally don't think I have ever seen a sea that still. And it has lasted for 5 days! A storm is coming, uhh.
I had forgotten how much manure stinks. I don't really mind the smell so much, in theory, but the tractor was literally sprinkling shit right outside my window and I could almost taste the stuff in my mouth. Perhaps I will add to the liner notes a list of tracks recorded in that smell, but I am sure it will be obvious.

Oh and of course, below you will also find a little video diary from the first few days with the boys. All fun and games.

keep you posted.

A happy and deranged loner about to have a another pint before going back to work,

Penrhos Chapel #1 from Sorenious Bonk on Vimeo.

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