Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bang bang bang bang bang....... bang bang bang....... bang

The soundtrack to my week thus far has been performed by burly men hammering bricks off the wall outside my room. Rather distracting and not a relaxing sound to be hearing at 8am every morning. As a result I've been a bit tense, but all this negative feeling was left behind in Clapton when I went to record some bass for the Polly Tones.

A great pleasure to play on some really wonderful songs and read Viktor's beautifully penned scores. I hope he doesn't go all Lars Ulrich on me for posting one up. The album is going to be great, looking forward to it.

I'm genuinely quite saddened to hear about the passing of rapper Guru, in a genre of music that is not necessarily known for a positive message I always thought he seemed like a intelligent kindhearted person with good things to say.


Klak Tik show at New Empowering Church, London Fields tomorrow night. Although it sounds like a cult I can assure you it'll be a good night.


Peace out


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