Tuesday, 26 February 2008

self promotion

I'm at it. I'm doing it. I'm polishing my ultra-narcissistic digital image. Generation ME. Generation Mirror. I've been uploading my music to various sites and trying to find friends and trying to make it look nice. last.fm, Myspace, Facebook. I'm trying to make Klak Tik something that exists in real life by painting it's image on my own digital reflection for everyone to see. Ironic. But hey, it might work, and I might soon be sipping lattes at noon to get the creative juices flowing before jumping into a few leisurely but intensely enjoyable hours of recording music at home. That would be cool. Zzooo coool.

Anyway, you can download six tracks for free and play them as much as you like and bin them if you don't want them anymore or give them to your friend.

Check my profile on last.fm and myspace and even facebook

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