Monday, 24 December 2012

Reborn - Lyrics

We've had a few people asking us for the lyrics for our new single 'Reborn'.
So here they are:

I thought I knew at least,
What freedom really means
A job that I hate
Work everyday
I could be wrong

I tried my best to tame
The wilderness inside
Every thought
Not thought out
I pretend to be over

Now I've finally woken up
To the beauty of the world
Through a love song
Through a love song that I heard
From the rivers and the birds

In the end it was the sounds
I found city life too loud
So away I walked
Through the urban sprawl
Ears to the ground
Trying to find myself some peace of mind

Now I've finally woken up
To the beauty of the world
Through a love song
Through a love song that I heard
From the rivers and the birds

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Return to the Sky

I woke up in the middle of the night with the Hitchcock style backwards scream. At first I couldn't remember what I had been dreaming, but then I turned and saw the book next to me. Ah yes, the horrors of the Kaiten. The manned suicide torpedo as described by David Mitchell in the excellent novel Number9Dream.

Towards the end of WW2 the Japanese were losing the war, so in what one can only describe as utter desperation they established the Japanese Special Attack Units, which basically consisted of 18-20 year-old men/boys who volunteered (!) for suicide missions.
The Kaiten was the underwater equivalent of the kamikaze plane. Kaiten translates literally as 'Return to the sky'.
The concept was simple. Place a mentally stable (important) young man inside a 9 meter torpedo and lock it from the outside. Deploy it from a submarine and let the young man steer the torpedo of death right into the side of a ship thus detonating the 300kg warhead and doing some serious damage.

Imagine that. What a nightmare.

Monday, 3 December 2012


We're pleased to announce our new single Reborn is out now!

It's from our forthcoming album, which is out in March, we'll have more details soon. But for now buy Reborn from iTunes.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

London, how you can suck them in and spit them out

Some close friends and fellow musicians told me the sad news today that they have decided to pull the plug on London. They have been here for several years, since the turned 20 pretty much, and have been writing/recording and gigging their music ever since. To really have a go, like so many others here, they chose to work low commitment, flexible low-paid jobs. The kind you fucking hate, but that leave you in no doubt as to why you 'chose' them in the first place. A means to an end in the strongest sense of the word.

So what is the end then? To get to be part of London's incredibly vibrant music scene where, despite the staggering number of ground-breaking class acts, everyone gets to play to decent-sized, attentive crowds of die hard music lovers, right?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Deutschland, wir sind auf dem Weg!

We are really excited, Must We Find a Winner is (finally) being released in Germany on the 30th of March!

A few blogs have already posted some bits about us.

Check it out if you speak German or let you yourself be impressed with google translate!

I will post reviews if/when we get some. Also, we will hopefully come and play a few shows in Germany with a few months, so watch this space!
This is what we would like our journey to feel like.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

This week we've launch our competition to win one of Soren's guitars (as seen being played in the previous post).

To enter you can do one of two things. Simply Share this photo on Facebook (, or alternatively for those who love to tweet, retweet this (

The winner will be announced Friday 2nd March, so get sharing and hopefully you could be the new owner of this lovely guitar!


John x

P.S. Mixes are coming along wonderfully! Mark had his first big challenge to mix a song with 50+ tracks on it, a long messy battle as you can see, but he won in the end.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Here is a video of me playing 'Etching'. A song from our new album. The guitar I am playing will be given away in a competition starting this week, so be sure to check out Klak Tik's facebook/twitter pages and this could become yours!

Why oh why am I giving this guitar away, you might ask yourself?
Ask my girlfriend... Apparently 20 is enough. #whatever

Soren x

Friday, 3 February 2012

Feeling fesher than Gandhi after a lie-in

It's always a dream to begin the year feeling fresh and positive, but alas new years brutality has seen my dreams dashed on more occasions than I'd like to admit. However, to my surprise I have attacked 2012 thus far with gusto and 34 days in it does not seem like wavering. It's also apparent that both Soren & Matt are feeling the same and inspired by a late night drunk new years conversation all things Klak Tik are full speed ahead.

The album is coming along wonderfully and we're back focusing on the live set up again. Chris (also fresh, in fact so fresh it's boarding on smug) has been joining us as we work on a stripped down 4 person version of Klak Tik for the next few months (don't you worry the rest will be back soon). At first you can't help but miss the colours and texture added by 8 musicians, however you soon find yourself forced to start looking at the music in a different way which is actually super refreshing.

We've our first show of this year this Sunday (5th Feb) at The Gladstone Arms, Borough. It's a Safety First Records night featuring our good friends (and label mates) the Polly Tones, the first of a monthly residency for the beginning of the year. Pretty sure it's free, so please do pop on down.

Matt has brought to my attention an interesting video of Neil Young, he's talking about his quest for increasing the file sizes for digital music and therefore maintaining the quality lost through a 4/5 mb MP3. If you can get your head around some technically suspicious statements and odd analogies then you'll see some interesting and true points raised.

Till next time,

Stay safe,