Tuesday, 15 May 2012

London, how you can suck them in and spit them out

Some close friends and fellow musicians told me the sad news today that they have decided to pull the plug on London. They have been here for several years, since the turned 20 pretty much, and have been writing/recording and gigging their music ever since. To really have a go, like so many others here, they chose to work low commitment, flexible low-paid jobs. The kind you fucking hate, but that leave you in no doubt as to why you 'chose' them in the first place. A means to an end in the strongest sense of the word.

So what is the end then? To get to be part of London's incredibly vibrant music scene where, despite the staggering number of ground-breaking class acts, everyone gets to play to decent-sized, attentive crowds of die hard music lovers, right?