Wednesday, 2 June 2010

15 steps

Right. 12 days to release. 15 to launch. That sounds dirty. It isn't. It's true.

The band is working so hard to get ready for album launch. We have got two brand new players. Alex Mountain on violin and Fred Feeney on trumpet. They are both brilliant but it is a bit of a challenge (for all of us) to learn and master all the tracks we want to play on the 17th June in Hoxton Hall. It will be wicked to play a proper gig with our own sound engineer and 8 people in a stunning venue, I just can't wait.

Jack Cheshire has kindly accepted our invitation and is going to do a set before us on the night, which I am super happy about. His music is just brilliant.

Incidentally (not at all) we are also playing with Jack tonight at the Luminaire which should be cool.

John has taken several cases of albums up to the distributors warehouse today. We are hoping they will never come back. We are receiving album launch posters from Natalie's mum's company Grundfos (bless). Wondering where to put them up. With all the CCTV in this wicked world fly postering has become trickier, to say the least.

Oh yeah, we are playing our first ever gig abroad on the 7th of July. At Byens Lys in Copenhagen (my home). It's being organised by my dear friend Caecilie Trier from the brilliant Chimes & Bells. The venue is an old barn, converted into a cinema, in the middle of Christiania . Absolutely stunning place. Can't wait to see my mum and dad folking out to our stuff.

Wow, some good news just rolled in. My little brother Adam Bonke (26yrs) was just nominated for Young Director's award in Cannes. Woohoo! Amazing.
Congratulations, you little shit. I trained you well, haha.

Bryter Later,

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