Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Waking from a long dream

As I roll over this blog to wake it from the deep cyber sleep, I must turn my head in disgust and comfort myself in the fact that digital pressure ulcers do not smell. Foouah, this blog needs a shower and some clean underwear!

I apologise to you, dear reader, for the absence, and to you, dear blog, as you must now prepare for getting your lazy ass back to fitness.

It was the release of Tony Blair's memoirs which reminded me that we had released something of our own too, only a few months ago.
The 14th of June we finally released 'Must We Find a Winner' and quickly followed up with a wonderful album launch party at a sold out Hoxton Hall, where we played the most exciting gig of our short band life. A night to remember for us, and hopefully the people that were there too!
The reviews for the album have been good, if a little eclectic. A link to one of the better ones, if you like sunshine!
We rode on that wave for weeks, while playing a few more shows in London and our first one abroad, with Chimes & Bells in Christiania, Denmark. This was incidentally my first gig at home since last century (dramatic!). My parents were there and looked reasonably happy. Particularly as my younger brother guest appeared on the organ. Great stuff.
More recently we have been preparing for a busy autumn where we will once again concentrate on London shows and I have been writing more intensely for the new album, which we will start recording really soon. It took me several weeks after releasing 'Must We Find a Winner' before I could even dream of starting over again, but now I am back in gear and dead exited about the next album. For you, of course, we will be performing songs from the current album for the foreseeable future, so if you have not heard the new stuff yet, try and make it down to one of the next shows.


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