Wednesday, 1 July 2009


This week I am working in Soho (Klak Tik is not quite providing enough income to live off yet, haha), and what better place to be working than for Sony Playstation! It's a wicked modern office in the heart of Soho so jammed full of action figures and random toys, digital as well as physical, and swarming with kids with beards or stubble. Everyone seems to love what they do here (no wonder, there's a soft drink vending machine where you just press vend without putting money in, and a next level hot drink dispenser which knocks out a killer hot chocolate in 16 seconds. There's a timer).

Anyway, I suspect by the end of the week I will be gagging to get back to my creaky floorboards and dusty green teas, back to the recording of the album. 
A small injection of normal life isn't too bad though, I think I was going a bit stir crazy after a full month at the flat, or should I say, IN MY HEAD...

Gigs in July: 

15th at the Brittannia in Victoria park village

25th at the Spice of Life. Matt's as well as my parent attending that one, so expect a clean family orientated performance without the usual onstage debauchery.

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