Sunday, 9 March 2008

Martin & Victoria and Us

This weekend I wrote and recorded a new song. It's about an old friend from school and how he became my friend. I managed to create a triple meaning to a phrase in the song, I'm proud to say. Maybe a bit tenuous but still.
I sing "you, more than I, wrote our first song. It was A minor."
The song's title Martin and Victoria is also the title of a book we read in school at that time (about 14, I guess) and the main character Martin's favourite chord is Am. The song my friend and I wrote was also in Am and, DRUM ROLL PLEASE, the chord I play at that point in my song is also Am. Voila, amazing.

Here are the lyrics. My Myspace to hear/download the song.

When we were young and you sat next to me
I was wrong, you were not really who I though
You had much more to say now than I remembered

I used to think, that you were simple
like the way you wrote your name down
that somehow you wouldn't understand
what I was and where I came from

You watched the world from the moon
through a home made lens,
wide enough to observe all the movement.

When we were young and you forgave me
we both got strong
you more than I wrote our first song
It was Am
And that night, I saw your beauty

You watched the world from the moon
through a home made lens
wide enough to observe every movement

You were lying, when you said to me
that it's not coming
that you're the one to change
I'd trade my place, to be who you are

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