Friday, 3 February 2012

Feeling fesher than Gandhi after a lie-in

It's always a dream to begin the year feeling fresh and positive, but alas new years brutality has seen my dreams dashed on more occasions than I'd like to admit. However, to my surprise I have attacked 2012 thus far with gusto and 34 days in it does not seem like wavering. It's also apparent that both Soren & Matt are feeling the same and inspired by a late night drunk new years conversation all things Klak Tik are full speed ahead.

The album is coming along wonderfully and we're back focusing on the live set up again. Chris (also fresh, in fact so fresh it's boarding on smug) has been joining us as we work on a stripped down 4 person version of Klak Tik for the next few months (don't you worry the rest will be back soon). At first you can't help but miss the colours and texture added by 8 musicians, however you soon find yourself forced to start looking at the music in a different way which is actually super refreshing.

We've our first show of this year this Sunday (5th Feb) at The Gladstone Arms, Borough. It's a Safety First Records night featuring our good friends (and label mates) the Polly Tones, the first of a monthly residency for the beginning of the year. Pretty sure it's free, so please do pop on down.

Matt has brought to my attention an interesting video of Neil Young, he's talking about his quest for increasing the file sizes for digital music and therefore maintaining the quality lost through a 4/5 mb MP3. If you can get your head around some technically suspicious statements and odd analogies then you'll see some interesting and true points raised.

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