Thursday, 19 May 2011

Even Stevens

A couple of us went to see Sufjan Stevens here in London last week. We agreed that was one of the best gigs we have ever experienced. Wow man! Sufjan really is one of the most brilliant artists of our time. If you get the chance to see him in your city, don't be cheap, pay what you have to to experience this spectacle!
His latest cryptic album Age of Adz really made so much more sense when seen live. All in all just awe-inspiring for this humble klaktician.

We are still playing monthly at London's Book club for the fully unplugged L&U nights. If you get the chance you should really come down and check it out. These are really the best nights of music I have come across in London the last decade (not just because we are playing there...). There's a feeling of community amongst the artists and the crowd seems to really be part of the night. Active listeners, engaged but quiet and respectful. I hope we can continue to do this monthly slot for a while. It seems our band has really found its feet down there. We are playing 'together' more than ever before. I think, as a spectator, you have a better chance of understanding what it is we are trying to do in this set up. And hell, hearing the violins and brass sans amp is pure joy! Biggest challenge is for yours truly to 'project' those songs enough.

Two Brothers' Blood
The album we recorded in Wales is still being tinkered with. In amongst our other worldly duties we have been making lots of additional parts and minor tweaks to the album. Boiling things down. Simmering new ideas. Raising difficult issues. I am guessing we will take another few months to finish up. But, it's going to be fucking amazing, I'm sure of it!

Our own Safety First Records has signed a few more acts now. Our latest addition is Furnace Flowers which moniker of the amazing folk singer Felix Holt. Felix and I are currently recording his first EP in my studio. Click here to listen to one of our first layouts.
Also, soon we will be releasing the new EP for the Polly Tones, which we can't wait to show the world.
But the next big thing that happens is the release of Jack Cheshire's already much acclaimed album 'Copenhagen'! Keep your eyes peeled for that one, it really is a spectacular album.

Klak Tik is a happy band and the summer is looming and there is an infinite amount of music yet to grow in this life. Some will bloom here and bounce around our 5 dimensions before leaping into your universe. Some will spring from you. Everything in between is fireworks.

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